3rd Georgia Infantry at

On May 2, 1863, the 3rd Georgia, as part of Anderson's Division, occupied trenchlines in these woods along Furnace Road, south of the Chancellorsville Inn. They were part of the force commanded by Lee which was to hold the Federals in place while Jackson marched around to attack them from the West.


The 3rd Georgia participated in Lee's general assault on the Union lines around Fairview on May 3.


Looking North toward Fairview from the woods occupied by the 3rd Georgia. The Chancellorsville Inn was behind the treeline in the distance.


Fairview looking west toward Hazel Grove. Assisted by their artillery on Hazel Grove, J.E.B. Stuart's troops (formerly commanded by Stonewall Jackson who had been wounded the night before) joined with Lee's wing (including the 3rd Georgia) which attacked from the left of the photo to overwhelm the Union artillery at Fairview.


Photos and captions by Don Worth, Valencia, California

"Return Fire" to 3rd GVI Battlefield Tour
worth@ucla.edu, 7/24/98