3rd GVI Researchers


The following contributors are researching the original 3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Many are descendants of men who served in the 3rd. They have posted the information below in order to share it with others interested in the 3rd and in the hopes of finding other 3rd GVI researchers. Feel free to contact any of them by email. If you would like to post something on this page, send an email with the text you wish to appear on it to worth@ucla.edu.




Linda Clopton


I am looking for any info on James H Kemp Pvt Co G 3rd Ga. He enlisted at Irwinton Ga Sept 22, 1862 was released at Pt Lookout June 28
1865. I am also looking for any info on his brother John M Kemp. They are my g-g uncles.



John C. Hall



My ancestor was Captain Stephen Alpheatus Corker. Co A Burke Guards. I have begun to write a book about his letters. These letters were before, during, prison and after the war.......He was in the 41st us congress upon Georgia's re-admission to the union.

I find this site of immense value to my research.

I look forward to hearing from you,

John Hall

PS...he is my GGGrandfather!

John C. Hall, Jr., CPA, PC
307 West Gaines Street
Dublin, Georgia 31021

404-964-6896 cell


John's book is available on Amazon:



Elizabeth Allen


I am the great grand daughter of Thomas J(efferson) Jordan who served with Co F 3rd Reg. I am interested in any information I can find about him. He and his wife, Sallie Clay Jordan remomoved to Pulaski Co. Ga. where he died in 1891. Thank you,

Elizabeth (Liz) Fisher Taylor Allen
1950 NW 192nd Ave. #437
Hillsboro, OR 97006



James Smith


I am looking for any information I can get on Major/Surgeon William S. Meiere and his wife Jewell. You may e-mail me at jrsmith47@yahoo.com or call 706-247-6223.


James N. Brown

Searching for information on: Brown, James Neville------ Private, Co D, enlisted March 29, 1862. Wounded, Deep Bottom, Va. August 16, 1864; Ream's Station, Va. August 26, 1864. Captured April 4, 1865. Released April 9, 1865. He was the son of Judge Simeon N. and Lucy A. Brown, Morgan County, Georgia. James is my great, great grandfather. I carry his full name today. I was recently given the Southern Cross of Honor that was given to him for his service. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Joseph Scott Howell


I am researching Col. Claiborne Snead of Company G, Richmond County, Confederate Light Guards. He is my 4th generation Grandfather. I am trying to obtain information on Col. Snead, the flag he had smuggled back to Georgia, and any other infomation anyone has to offer. I have one photo of him and our family genealogy back Before Christ at this point. I'm especially interested in the Civil War time period for Snead and his regiment. Thanks in advance for anyone who has information about Col. Snead



Holly M. James


I am looking for any records, letters- anything that refers to Lewis B Lightfoot. I found some records online through the National Archive, but am always looking for more. I have a photograph of him- looked like a tough old bird. He married and became an attorney in Georgia after the war. He was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital May (?) 1862 and released Sept. 11, 1862, and was also wounded in action on May 14, 1964. It appears he was captured by or deserted to the Union Army in late 1864, and was transferred to Cambridge, IL in early 1865. Anyone with any information please feel free to drop me a line at lowcountryeats@hotmail.com. Thank you!


Michael Dixon

Ezekiel J. Murray is a Great-Great Uncle to me. I am a Son of Confederate Veterans and just thought if anyone is looking for his family I know a little. Unfortunately he died of wounds, but he made the honor role in my genealogy records. If anyone has a copy of his military records or pension records, I need copies. I could not find them in Washington Library records. Contact me. Michael Dixon 112-A Alice Drive Perry, GA 31069


D. C. Beach

Thought you would like to know the following gentlemen are buried in Lexington KY Confederate Cemetery who belonged to the afore-mentioned unit:
Robinett, Daniel J: Musician, Company F   15 October 1862    #41
Steed, Rufus C.: Sergeant, Company B     15 October 1862    #40
if you have any information about this unit or these gentlemen I would appreciate it very much.  I believe they were casualties of the Battle of Chaplin Hills 08 October 1862 but I need proof.
D.C. Beach


Johnnie P. Pearson
Winston-Salem, NC

Thought you all would like to include this in the Company Roster of Company G.  While in Petersburg the week before memorial day I went to the Blandford Cemetery where 30,000 confederate dead are buried.  Many are unknown but did find this marker which would lead one to believe he was in a hospital in the area at the time of his death.  He is buried in the confederate section of Blandford Cemetery.
David Davis
Co G 3rd GA
June 7, 1863
I noticed in Henderson that he appeared last on roll for June 30, 1861.  I can only guess he was ill for much of his time in the service.
Johnnie Pearson
Winston-Salem, NC



Martha M. Barnwell Giannetti
State College, PA

In reading the various websites re the 3rd. Reg. GA Volunteers, I found the article and picture about the drum that "entered Confederate service with Seaborn Barnwell". My grandfather was Jesse Seaborn Barnwell who served in Co. C, the Dawson Grays, from Greene Co., GA. Records I have from the GA Dept. of Archives and History show that he enlisted on April 24, 1861 at Pennfield, GA and is shown as Private, Chief Musician, Field, Staff and Band. My father always talked of his father having been a flag bearer and a cousin, now deceased, who I visited 20 or more years ago, showed me a picture of what she said was the flag carried by our grandfather.

Also in the same company was Benjamin F. Barnwell who enlisted on the same date in Penfield, GA. It is my opinion that he might have been a brother of Jesse. In the article pertaining to the Battle Flag of this regiment, it is stated that Frank B. Barnwell of Co. C was the fourth color bearer until he was wounded at Hatcher's Run. I believe Frank B. and Benjamin F. are the same person.

I have no memory of hearing about the drum and would very much like to know more about the surviver's committee who presented it to the State Capitol, and if it is still there. I never met Jesse--he died in 1906 and I was born in 1919. He is buried in Washington, Wilkes Co., GA.

I sincerely appreciate the article, with picture of the drum included, which provided me with information I didn't know.



Bruce Long

I am researching the battle of South Mills in preparation for a reinactment planned for the 140th anniversary of the battle. A web page on the battle is in the works; my research on the Union side is almost complete. I'm looking for first hand narratives of participants in the battle, especially those in companies C, D, and L. We are trying to clear up the mystery of when the entrenchments were dug on the right flank of the 3rd GVI position. They consist of two redans and a connecting trench.



John Cleghorn

I am a descendant of one of three Reese brothers Co. D of Wrights Brigade. I recently found a citation I wanted to ask you about. In "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Retreat With Honor", which is part of a four-volume set, A.J. Reese is listed as being in command of "Phillips Ga. Legion", Dubose's Brigade, Kershaw's Division, CSA, at the surrender at Appomatox.

Augustus James Reese, Co. D, Madison Home Guard, Ga. 3rd. Inf, was my great-great uncle, one of the three brothers who were enlisted in 1862. Ga. Archive Brigade records show him as injured, on detatched duty as an enlisting officer in Madison by Feb. 1865.

Do you know of any connection between Wright's brigade and Dubose's by April 1865?

Could be a name coincidence, but I thought I would check it out.



Gregory C. White

GEORGIA ANCESTOR AT GETTYSBURG? Published author is seeking copies of war-time images/photos of Georgians that were documented casualties at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1-5, 1863, to feature in upcoming book, "Georgia At Gettysburg". This monumental endeavor will profile Georgia's tremendous role in America's most notable military engagement.

Copies of descriptive war letters or reminiscences by Georgians regarding their Gettysburg experience also wanted for possible use.

Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated and acknowledged.


Gregory C. White
3101 Mills Ridge Dr.
Canton, GA 30114

(Author, "A History of the 31st Georgia Volunteer Infantry",
Butternut And Blue, Baltimore, 1997)



June (Ellis) Carter

Searching for info on Matt E. Ellis, Co.H, 3rd Georgia Infantry. Served from 4/1/1861-5/27/1865. Wounded 7/4/1863. Born 9/13/1844, died 4/4/1922. Would like to know where he was born and the name of his parents and siblings. I know that he lived in Calhoun, Georgia after the war and died in the Confederate Soldier's Home of Georgia in Atlanta, but do not know where he lived before the war. Any information would be greatly appreaciated.

June (Ellis) Carter



Greg Biggs

I am researching all Civil War Georgia unit flags - both company and regimental level - for a book on the topic. I am seeking information on company flags of the 3rd Georgia like newspaper coverage of presentation ceremonies, diaries and letter accounts of such presentations, color bearers etc. I also seek accounts of ther regimental colors in action and who carried them.

If you can help please let me know. Please respond to Biggsk@aol.com.

Greg Biggs



Wayne Wiggins

I would like any info at all on Augustas "Gus" Hooks who served in F Company. I am from Texas. Gus was my Great Grandfather, he has a colorful history in our family, but I was never told about his service in the war. People down here use to call him "barefoot Wiggins". Legend was he could outrun a horse. Was suspected of burning a local courthouse because of a diagreement of locals of where it was to be located.



Larry Hollingsworth

I'm a distant relative of Dr W.T.Hollingsworth who served as the assistant surgeon of the 3rd Geordia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He practiced in Madison Georgia before the war and joined the regiment in April of 1861 (date uncertain).

He became very ill only a few months after joining and was granted a discharge shortly thereafter. He returned to Madison Georgia and practiced medicine for some time.

Does anyone have any more information on this man?



Clyde G. Wiggins III
Wiggins Family Website

My great great grandfather Alva Benjamin Spencer, served in the 3rd GA., Co. C., "Dawson Grays". Alva was a company musician and served throughout the war. He lived in Penfield, Greene Co., GA, graduated from Mercer University at the age of 18, and taught school prior to the war. I am looking for any information concerning him, any photographs anyone might have, or information on the company band. I have a large collection of letters he wrote throughout the war to his girlfriend, and would be willing to check them for mention of your relatives that served in his company. Thanks for all assistance!

My book "My Dear Friend" will be released in the Spring '07. You can order it in advance from the web site below. This book contains the Civil War letters of my G. G. Grandfather, Alva B. Spencer, of the 3rd GA Regt., Company C. He wrote to his girlfriend (later wife) all through the war giving accounts of daily life as well as battles in VA, NC, PA. and more.
He was an educated man who graduated from Mercer University at the age of 18, taught school before the war and was a regimental musician. The collection of letters also include one's from his girlfriend, Margaret L. Cone of Dooly County, GA, her brothers, Andrew J. Cone and Thomas Cone of the 18th GA Co. I, and a few from Alva's parents from Greene Co., GA.  If you decide to order an advanced copy online, please drop me an e-mail as I'd like to know.  My e-mail is: ClydeWigg3@cs.com.

So far I have found the book on Amazon.com and the Wal-Mart link below. One correction, the book is a little over 200 pages, not 600 as listed on the internet.




Art Chance
Juneau, AK

Seeking any records or letters and memoria that contain any reference to the court martial of Bg. Gen. Wright in the late summer or fall of 1863.

I know that Wright had been under arrest on the retreat from Gettysburg as Capt. Andrews of the 3rd GVIR says that in his memoir. I found a memoir from the 8th Florida from Perry's Brigade on Wright's right at Gettysburg. In Wright's famous letter to his wife on July 7, he said some pretty unkind, and wrong, things about the Floridians' performance. The letter to Wright's wife some how got to the Augusta (GA) Constitutionalist where it was reprinted and the Constitutionalist's report got to the Richmond Examiner. When the Floridians saw it, they all but challenged Wright to meet them on the field of honor. The Floridians claim that Wright didn't even accompany the brigade on the charge, something with which Sgt. Judkins of the 22nd Georgia also agrees in his memoir. The whole letter and much of his report are just the reports of his staff, probably Captain Girardey. I'm trying to prove reasonably conclusively that Wright's Brigade did in fact take and hold some part of Cemetery Ridge on the evening of 2 July 63. Wright's report has been dismissed by so many because some of it is obviously fabricated, but I think I can prove that at least the 3rd, 22nd, and part of the 2nd Bat. made it onto the ridge and stayed a while. I think the 48th on the left bogged down with the 106th PA before it really go onto the ridge. Anyway, when all the trouble started, Mj. Gen. Anderson added the business about the letter to the charges already pending that Andrews mentions. I know from a newspaper report that I found that Mj. Gen. Heth was in charge of the court martial and that Wright, a lawyer, represented himself and was acquitted. I haven't been able to find any other mention of the trial nor have I been able to find any record of it anywhere.

I would like to give the caveat that this is inconclusive and investigatory in nature. I'm trying to track it down, and there's nothing about it that I can say yet with certainty. My interest is in dealing with Edwin Coddington's (The Gettysburg Campaign) rejection of Wright's claim to have pierced the US line. He says Wright's report is "romantic fiction" and on that basis rejects the notion of the Brigade having achieved any penetration. I reject Wright's report, I, too, do not believe he was there, but I think the Brigade did do more than "Pickett's Charge" the next day, and their success was the factual predicate of the Third Day attack.

Art Chance: Raconteur and rogue, Juneau, Alaska


Sandra Horne Farmer

I am looking for information on my great-great-great grandfather James B. Horn of Wilkinson Co., Ga. He enlisted on May 10, 1862 and served in Co. I until July 2, 1863 when he was killed in Gettysburg, PA. I would be interested in any information about him and his company.



Paul R. Lindsey
Houston, Texas

My GGG-Grand-Father, James A. Lindsey, along with his two brothers, Green J. and John W. Lindsey, served in CO. "I", 3rd Georgia Regiment, Wilkinson County, "Carswell Guards". James Lindsey was wounded several times and died on July 24, 1863 at a Hospital in Gettysburg. While searching for information on his service, I found that Sgt. John W. Lindsey and Capt. C.H. Andrews had written a bibliography entitled " Third Georgia Regiment, History of its campaigns from April 1, 1861, to April 9, 1865. The manuscript was published in the Madisonian, Madison, Georgia during the 1890's. Is anyone familiar with this manuscript or would you know how to obtain a copy of it?


Lisa Hendricks
Des Moines, Iowa

My GGGGrandfather Joseph Marion Hill, served in the 3rd Georgian regiment under Lee and A.R. Wright. He was a flag bearer. He got wounded and captured and placed in Delaware Prison. He was born in Lauranceville, Georgia and after release from prison, he went to Ohio and married Elizabeth Jane Wright. He is burried in Calcutta Cemetary in Indiana.


William C. Sanders

My great-grandfather was James Rabun Sanders, First Lieutenant, Co. C ("Dawson Grays"), 3rd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He served under his brother-in -law , Robert L. McWhorter, who was captain of the company at the time of his formation. The roster information I have on him shows that he enlisted on 4-21-61 and resigned on 4-28-62, coincidentally the same date as McWhorter was appointed quartermaster of Wright's Brigade and elected major. I have always understood that James Rabun Sanders succeeded McWhorter as captain of Co. C, but I have no information other than that which appears in the roster information. Any assistance will be appreciated.


Howard Jackson

My great grandfather Asa Meeks Jackson was captured July 2 at Gettysburg. He was taken to Ft. McHenry hence to Ft. Deleware and finally to Pt. Lookout, Maryland . Do you know of any prison records other than the records from Washington, DC? He was with Co L, 3d ga reg under Gen. Ambrose Wright's brigade. He was wounded at Malvern Hill and spent some time in the hospital in Richmond. I would be pleased to hear from you.


Merrill Lane

Looking for info. on Wm.Riley Holder (or William K. Holder) Co. F. 3rd GA. Inf. according to his Arkansas pension papers. Then he settled after the war in AR. b.3/20/1843 GA. d. 1-19- 1928, White Co. AR. On one page of proof of service his middle name hand written is spelled Ryley(which is wrong) and further states Curnal Ryte or Ryse? 3rd. Georgia Regiment. He personally states he was wounded at Seige of Knoxville and at Cumberland Gap, which I don't believe the 3rd. GA. went. The Doctor confirms the wounds but I can't find him on the 3rd GA. roster. Does anyone know of a Wm.Riley Holder. Need help on this one, would be glad to send copies of his papers to someone more expert in these matters if need be.


Robert L Utsey Jr.

My great grandfather, John W. Davis, served with Co H, Third GA.


Robert W. Crook
Baton Rouge, LA

Charles W. Richter, jr. was born in Morgan county, GA in 1838, a son of Charles William and Anne Eliza Potter Richter. Charles, Jr. enlisted in Co. D ("Home Guards") on 24 April 1861. He was wounded during the battle of Malvern Hill, VA on 1 July 1862 and severely wounded and disabled at Gettysburg on 2 July, 1863. Charles was placed on detail duty in Madison, GA in February 1865. He never fully recovered from his wounds and died sometime after 1891. Uniforms of the Home Guards were described as "Georgia gray, trimmed in black."

All four sons of Charles and Anne Richter served the Confederacy. Arthur Potter Richter (1844-1929) was a 2nd Lt. in Co. E of the 5th Georgia Infantry (Reserves) and two younger brothers, Martin Luther and John Clarke Richter, served in Caper's Battalion, Co. A, of the Georgia Military Institute.


Robert Smith

My Great-Great-Grandfather is John H. Smith of Co. H "Young Guards". Born in Conyers, GA. on Feb 25, 1837, he was 24 years old when he joined the regiment in April of 1861. The regimental records do not list any wounds that he received during the war but he is listed as present at the surrender at Appomattox. So apparently he fought with the regiment through the entire war. I can only assume that he was present at all the major engagements. John Smith was furloughed several times during the war for periods of 30 days for having dysentary. He first appeared on the morning report of General Hospital No 1 in Richmond between October 31 and November 27, 1862. He showed up again at the Jackson Hospital in Richmond through July & August 1864.

John Smith married Anna Jane Christian on October 17, 1865 and the two would eventually have eleven children. They moved from Georgia to Arkansas in 1878 and then moved again to Gilmer, TX in 1884. John Smith was the son of James Henry Smith and Elizabeth Johnson. Both of his parents were originally from South Carolina and this is as far back as we have been able to trace this line of our family. If anybody has information that goes beyond this I would greatly appreciate them sharing it with me. We have been stumped on this for several years. As far as Co. H of the 3rd GVI there is a great story, which is listed in the bibliography, that was written by Alfred Zachry. He was another member of Co. H and he recounted his memories of the war in 1916. "Civil War Times Illustrated" printed the story in 2 parts in Sep/Oct & Nov/Dec 1994 issues.


John Warling
Valencia, CA

On our recent trip to Gettysburg we met Rupert Turner in front of the Wright's Brigade monument (located just behind the famous Virginia Monument with it's statue of R.E. Lee). Mr. Turner was with his wife and daughter taking pictures of the monument honoring Ambrose Wright whose Georgians (3rd, 22nd, & 48th) crossed the Federal lines near the Angle on the second day at Gettysburg. Wright had to fall back when other brigades to his left and right failed to support. Mr. Turner is a descendant of one of those Georgians who served with Wright. He told me that during the retreat across that great field, many of the Georgians became pinned down in the ditches and low spots and were unable to return safely to the Confederate line. The next day, when Pickett's men crossed the field, they were surprised to be met by the Georgians who rose up and joined the Virginians in that fateful charge. An interesting story.

I'm looking forward to contacting Rupert Turner who now lives in Texas and obviously knows a great deal about his ancestry. Imagine how much history could be brought forth from America's attics if each person visiting such monuments could make an internet connection! It was a lucky "chance" meeting. See ya'll.

Pvt. J. Warling, 3rd GA.


David Tuttle
Yulee, FL

I just came back from Madison, Ga., which I hope was the winding up of research for my book. Many years ago I met the gentleman in charge of the Morgan County Records Archives, Marshall Williams, and he was very helpful. This past weekend I collected some more info from the Morgan County Library and went by Mr. Williams' office, housed in the old jail next to the court house. He gave me some more info on little events that occurred during the 1860's.

His information mostly deals with the "Home Guard" from Morgan County, but might have info on other units.You can write him at:

Marshall W. Williams
Morgan County Records Archives
P.O. Box 130
Madison, Ga 30650



Millie Holbrook
Harlem, GA

I am researching James Robert Pool who served with Co G, 3d GVI. He was wounded and captured at Gettysburg, PA on 2 July 1863 and transfered to Hammond General Hospital, Point Lookout, MD (Nov 1863).. Need to know his age at time of service and residence in GA. Have info available from Confederate Roster Vol I, p.502.

Millie Holbrook
1604 Hinton Wilson Rd
Harlem, GA 30814

(706) 556-3881



Deborah Harden Baker
Jacksonville, Florida

My great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Hughes (1/16/46 - 8/4/21), was a Private in Company I, 3rd Georgia, between January 1864 and August 1964, according to Confederate Rolls. His nature of service was "teamster" and was "In the field" January through April 1864 and then joined the Company at Petersburg, Virginia in May and remained through August 1864. Family records indicate that he joined the Home Guard when he was sixteen (est. 1862) but I do not know what service he performed prior to the documentation of 1864. Following the war, he returned to his home in Flowery Branch, Georgia, not marrying until he was in his 30's to Esther E. Swafford (3/12/64-3/23/22).

After a brief time in Arkansas and return to Georgia, they later moved to north-central Alabama where they lived until their deaths. He and Esther had 12 children, including my grandmother Hattie Snow Hughes Harden (1/23/88 - 8/16/66). Ben was a preacher and a farmer. He helped to organize the Liberty Baptist church in Morris, Alabama and later served as Clerk and Pastor. He had pastorates at Calcedonia, Gardendale, Enon and Kimberly Baptist Churches. Ben was descended from Matthew Martin Hughe (3/15/16-3/22/89) and Mary Ann "Polly" Carlysle Hughes (6/25/20 - 6/5/11), whose parents were John Hughes and Nancy Martin who came to America from Ireland following their elopment and marriage. John Hughes died at the age of 100!

I have limited family records and will be contacting the National Archives to find out more about the role of the 3rd GA, Co. I in the later stages of the War. Any information on those time periods would be appreciated.



Michael R. Cunningham,Ph.D.

My wife is from Augusta, Ga., and I've long had an interest in the 3rd Ga. I know of a '42 Springfield carried by a member of Co. G of the 3rd Ga in a private collection. You can view a photo of the inscription on the buttstock by clicking on the picture at left. The musket itself is an 1849 dated Springfield, which shows the usual wear, plus a Confederate manufactured ramrod. I was surprised that the musket was Springfield rather than Harper's Ferry. I'd be interested if you know of other identified weapons or accoutrements from the 3rd Ga. Below is a brief bio of the soldier in question. It appears that he served for 2 years in the 3rd Georgia before being transferred to the 63rd Ga.

Floyd Thomas, Jr.
Co. G
3rd Georgia Infantry

Enlisted April 29, 1861
by Capt. E.J. Walker in Augusta, Ga
Mustered into service April 29, 1861
by Capt. A.G. Cole

Dec 29, 1862
patient, General Hospital No. 19
Richmond, Va

Special Order 93/24
April 16, 1863
Transferred to Co. A,
63 Ga Inf. (Gordon Regt.)

May-June 1863 present

Absent on 30 day furlough from Aug 22, 1863

Sept, 1863 to Feb, 1864 present
Absent on 30 day furlough Feb 20, 1863

Captured at Kennesaw Mountain
June 27, 1863

Forwarded to Camp Douglas, Chicago, Ill
July 16, 1864.

Applied for pension, State of Georgia
July 23, 1913

Ga. Com of Pensions verified service with
Ga. Adjutant General Jan. 27, 1916


Robert A. and Gail F. Belflower


I have the service records of Mark (Marcus) Bellflower and his widow's claim for his back pay, etc., after his death, and a few other sundry papers the National Archives have on him. The most interesting by far is the summary of his CSA service prepared by CPT Carswell (Mark was in Co I, "Carswell Guards"). There are date discrepancies between that document and other CSA papers about Mark that I received from the National Archives, but oh well!!!

I have the "OR" on CD, and have been slowly extracting every official report that specifically mentions the 3rd GA. I realize this will miss many reports prepared by various levels of command that include them by inference. Drilling down through the lists of commanders is a bridge I'm not ready to cross yet.

Mark joined the 3rd GA around August 1, 1862, and was hospitalized by the end of May, 1863. My focus has thus been the CSA encampment at Drewery's Bluff, VA (where he joined the unit), Second Manassas, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville, and the military hospital at Huguenot Springs, VA. Eventually, much of this material will end up on my web site.

My base web address is:


This page is a simple list of links to specific branches of my family. It includes links to the two addresses that follow.

Belflowers in the Civil War is at:


The Civil War Ancestors of Robert & Gail Belflower is at:


This last address would be most interesting to 3rd GA folks. All of this site is up, but if you want to see where I am going with it, check out Alfred A. Langmaid. He is the most complete right now. Eventually, my Southern ancestors will reach the same level of detail.

I took this photo in May 1996. I didn't record the name of the cemetery, but from the other photos on that roll, it was probably at the North Poplar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery in Laurens County, Georgia.

It reads:

Alfred Jesse Pierce
Co I
3rd GA Vol Inf

I'm not connected to Pierce. I took the photo when I saw the unit - this was the same company that Mark Bellflower was in, and his family were founders of the North Poplar Springs Church. We never did find his grave.

[See Veterans page for Alfred Jesse Pierce for more information on him. According to Diane Pierce the photo must have been taken at Big Sandy Baptist Church at Nickelsville, Wilkinson County, Georgia. It is near the Laurens County line, but is in Wilkinson County, Ga.]


Johnnie P. Pearson
Winston-Salem, NC

I am researching the families of Daniel B. Pearson and John James Stubbs. James Francis Stubbs, 2nd Corp. Company B, Brown Rifles, 3rd Georgia Regiment, son of John James Stubbs had a sister Susan Eugenia Stubbs. Susan Eugenia Stubbs married Thomas Jefferson Pearson, Putnam County, Georgia. My interest is in either family. Very badly need to connect Daniel B. Pearson to other Pearson Families in Georgia as I am having a great deal of difficulty finding his parents.

The records I have on the 3rd Georgia show the following:

Burk Guards
Brown Rifles - Putnam County Georgia
Dawson Greys
Home Guards - Morgan County Georgia
Governor's Guards
Wilkerson Rifles
Confederate Light Guards
Young Guards
Blodget Volunteers - The captain of this company and the Col. had a disagreement and this company, as I understand, was shipped out never to return.
Athens Guards
Carswell Guards
Clarke Rifles

This would be 11 companies if you deduct the Blodget Volunteers. I do not know if all 11 companies continued to be in the 3rd Georgia or not.

James Francis Stubbs enlisted as a private 23 April 1861 at Eatonton, Georgia in Company B, Brown Rifles. Promoted 2nd Corp. 1864. At Jackson Hospital, Richmond, Virginia 17 May 1864 for some type of problem of left leg. Transfered to Columbia, SC. Wounded 3 April 1865. Parolled at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia on 9 April 1865.

By the way we do not believed he ever married. Died 11 September 1902 Born 1 December 1836. Buried Central Methodist Church cemetery Eatonton, Georgia. New marker recently placed at his grave site.

Putnam County was home to Company B, 3rd Georgia. The following is a site listing resources about Putnam County for researchers:



Johnnie P. Pearson - 1 October 1997


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